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French Speaking Course

Are you looking for French Speaking Course in Faridabad? then you are the right place. We are Om institute of education and we are provide the best French Speaking course in Faridabad.

There are many reasons to learn French. For one, it is the language of love. If you want to impress your significant other, learning how to speak French is a great way to do it. Additionally, French is a widely spoken language, with over 220 million speakers worldwide. So if you’re looking to expand your international communication skills, learning French is a great choice.

But learning French isn’t just about communicating with other people. It’s also about connecting with other cultures. France is renowned for its art, food, wine, fashion and architecture. By learning the French language, you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for all of these aspects of French culture.

So whether you’re looking to improve your communication skills, connect with other cultures, or just impress your significant other, learning French is a great choice.

If you’re looking to improve your French speaking skills, there’s no better way than to enroll in a French speaking course with Om Institute of Education. These courses are designed to help you improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. You’ll also get the opportunity to practice your speaking skills with other students in the class.

What you learn?

250+ vocabulary words
How to read and write in French
Top most useful phrases you can use in everyday situations
Easily order foods and drinks
How to put basic sentences together
Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually
Proper French pronunciation
The building blocks of French grammar


To start, France isn’t just one of the most beautiful countries in central Europe, but a global powerhouse with significant presence in the automobile, aircraft and chemical manufacturing, the electronic, machinery, metallurgy industries, as well as tourism. In fact, 35% of the global Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in France. Learning French will not only help you out as a tourist in France, the Carribean or Africa, but also as a rising professional looking to expand or diversify your business in the global market. Not only that, but French, being a romance language, shares so many elements with the other languages in its family, such as Spanish and Italian, that learning French will help you understand those languages – and give you a significant boost if you wish to learn them, too. Finally, it’s well-proven that learning another language can lead to many new career opportunities, whether that’s becoming a more attractive candidate, or qualifying for a promotion at your current position.


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Course Content

What you do after complet spoken French Course
  • Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually

  • Learn how to count up to 1000

  • Read a restaurant menu

  • Order food and drinks

  • Give and receive directions

  • Describe yourself and other people in both personality and appearance

  • Tell the time

  • Make requests, describe what you want and what you plan to do

  • Express your feelings, your interests and dislikes

  • Navigate multiple types of everyday situations, like shopping

  • Give and receive directions to places you need to go to

  • Create sentences in the past tense

  • Form questions and negations in the past

  • Acquire and hone translation skills

  • Conquer the basics of dating in French

  • Adapt to new situations, such as using public transportation or visiting the doctor

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No, the Foreign Service Institute puts French in the top ten easiest languages to learn for English-speakers, alongside notoriously easy languages such as Spanish and Italian.

Join our institute for learn french speaking.